The best crepe spreader made of natural bamboo

If you need crape tools you are in a right place.

The crepe making tool is perfect for all fans of pancakes. It’s useful in kitchens of chefs and every mum. It is made of natural bamboo wood, so it’s non-toxic and can be used without any fear. Thanks to the crepe spreading tool your pancakes will be perfect. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface of the frying pan.

The crape making tool has an optimal size to make it easier in use. Thanks to the grip holding and controlling the tool is very simple. You don’t need any force to spread crape batter, so using crape spreading tool is comfortable and pleasurable.

So if you adore pancakes you should make your private and professional crape tool kit – start from crape spreading tool.


Make Crepes Smoothly & Effortlessly

Thanks to optimal size of the grip it’s so easy to use the tool. You don’t need any force to spread crape batter perfectly. Thanks to natural bamboo wood you don’t have to worry about scratching the pan.

The high quality of workmanship

The wooden crepe spreader is made of high quality bamboo wood. Thanks to that the tool is durable and resistant. You’ll use it for long years. Moreover, it has additional visual advantages, because it is a handmade crafts.

Happiness guaranteed

If you are pleased, so we are. So that’s because we offer you the best wooden crepe spreader which will make your work more enjoyable. If you are unsatisfied, you can return the tool and we will send you back your money.

Natural bamboo

The crepe wooden spreader is made of natural bamboo wood. It’s important to your health to use non-toxic and eco-friendly tools. Our crepe batter spreader has all these features. Moreover, bamboo wood has visual advantages, because the wood is very beautiful.

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Make our own perfect pancakes

Don’t you know how to prepare perfect pancakes? Is your batter to leaking? Watch our recipes and advices. Thanks to our wooden crepe spreader it will be much easier to spread the batter on the pan.

It’s a piece of cake

Do you char the pancakes? Are your pancakes too thin or too fat? Try to use crepe making tools. Cooking will be much easier and our pancakes will have a perfect size.

Become a Master of Pancakes

Thanks to our advices and crepe making kit you will become a master of pancakes. Don’t you believe? Buy the stuff and start cooking!

About crepe spreader

The crepe batter spreader is an useful tool in every kitchen. Thanks to it you will spread the batter perfectly without scratching your frying pan. Therefore, your pancakes will have a perfect thickness – they won’t be too thin or too fat. They won’t also be greasy. Moreover, thanks to optimal size of the grip of the pancake spreader, it’s easy to lead the tool, so you don’t need any force to use it. The wooden crepe spreader is made of bamboo natural wood. This is very important for the health to use eco-friendly and non-toxic tool. This is worth underlining that the crepe wooden spreader has also esthetical values. It’s obvious that wooden tools are looking better that those made of metal. Our crape making tools are handmade, so the craftsmen take care of every detail of the tool. In addition, crepe batter spreader is a part of the crepe making kit which includes also a bamboo wooden spatula.